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A Coconuterie / Coconutry an establishment that specializes in producing Hand-Crafted Nutrition-Dense coconut foods from fresh coconuts .

At CoconutCow® We make fresh coconuts into Raw, Frozen, Cultured -fermented, Dehydrated and Cooked coconut foods with NO fillers, additives, colorants, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

CoconutCow® Freshly-made coconut food products are produced in small- batches, the traditional ways to preserve their nutrition integrity which promotes health from the foods we eat.

We do NOT use Teflon, Aluminum cookware. We use stainless steel and non-leaching Processing tools, cookware and utensils.

We package in glass and or BPA Free non-leaching Plastics

We ONLY use Fresh coconuts from Mexico as they are not fumigated like the
fresh young Thai coconuts are.

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Note: CoconutCow® Freshly-made coconut food products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any medical disorder or disease. Concerns about your health should be directed to your health care provider.